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I emailed Google with a comment about ad-words and got an utterly
irrelevant response from a moron who had clearly not read the original

I would be grateful for the contact details of a person with some
semblance of a brain if such exists.


Re: email for a non-moron at Google

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coudl it be that a robot answered your email after scanning your mail?

Re: email for a non-moron at Google

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 18:13:23 +0100, "Brothermark"

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It could be - do they have a robot called Ron?

I would guess it's a wage slave paid by the number of queries handled
and without any quality control.

I think anyone using robot response systems SHOULD acknowledge that
fact (and maybe offer a non-robot escalation route).


Re: email for a non-moron at Google

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I've had auto-responses from named people before so it could be a robot.
Was it quite blurby? Can you post the text?

Re: email for a non-moron at Google

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003 00:30:06 +0100, "Brothermark"

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here it is -----
Hello Rob,

Thank you for your email.
As noted in our advertising terms and conditions, Google reserves the
right to exercise editorial discretion when it comes to the
advertising we
accept on our site.  

However, Google believes strongly in freedom of expression.  We
offer broad access to content across the web without censoring
Please note that the decisions we make concerning advertising in no
affect the search results we deliver.

I understand that you saw an inappropriate advertisement on a Google
results page. The advertisement you saw was generated through the
program, which is designed to give thousands of small business owners
power to quickly and efficiently generate traffic to their sites. The
they create run on our site immediately.

Our editorial staff reviews all ads to make sure that they are
for our site. Since we show ads immediately, there is often a short
of time when the ad is running before being reviewed and approved by
Google AdWords Specialists. Please note that we try to keep this lag
short as possible.
Unfortunately, it seems you saw the advertisement before we had a
to review it.

Please accept our apologies. We thank you for your patience and

Please feel free to email us at if you have
additional questions or concerns.

We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising


(It was from "Bobby" not "Ron")

The issue I was raising was that an ad I had posted on behalf of a
client had been removed on the grounds that it included an
"unacceptable word"  whereas several other google ads running both
before and after my submission contained the same word.  As a result
he is losing business to his competitors.

"Bobby" has evidently decided that I am complaining about the other
ads. (but whereas mine was removed within 6 hours, theirs remain

Yes maybe Bobby is a robot - how do I contact his master?


Re: email for a non-moron at Google

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I think he is too.
Send another email but this time spell everything horribly wrong so that
robot can't pick up on anything.
Be careful not to use keywords that relate to google's services.

For ad-words, try saying advert-wordz or something.
Of course, if the robot doesn't reply, it may just go straight to the trash

you could try posting on in the google forum. A
google employee posts fairly regularly there.


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