Effect of broken links on SEO?

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I run Xenu to check and fix broken links on my site. However, I have a
section of the site that has a lot of news articles. These articles are all
linked out to the original source. I get some Not Found broken links to news
sites like Yahoo News or magazines. I know these kinds of links often

My question is how bad is it from an SEO viewpoint to have a bunch of broken
links like that the news articles? All of the internal links are fine.



Re: Effect of broken links on SEO?

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 02:17:51 GMT, "ergobob"

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One site which google has favoured for a while now for one of the topo
phrases I'd like has an incredible number of broken links on it.
However the link text all builds up to make a nice pattern for google
to like.

I did toy with the idea of making up a site with already broken links
but the right number of keywords as an experiment but haven't got
round to playing at this yet.

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Re: Effect of broken links on SEO?

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One of my sites is like that at the moment.
It has  template pages built ready for projects I haven't had time to
work on yet, has loads of duplicate pages and loads of broken links.
It doesn't seem to have a negative effect though.
I've been thinking about using this to my advantage by putting affiliate
links on my 404 page, rather than sending visitors back to the half
finished sections, I can send them straight to other sites via affiliate

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