.edu link factory?

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This site 'livemocha' has in less them a year colleted 35 .edu links
and has achieved an amazing increase in traffic.
It was not from ads or people just finding the site, it was from SEO.
How did they do this?
is it because they have 1/2 million pages?

Thanks, Mark

Re: .edu link factory?

On Wed, 12 Mar 2008 01:50:42 -0700 (PDT), mbiernat@hotmail.com wrote:

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You want us to ckeck half a milllion pages?


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Re: .edu link factory?

Hi Bill,

No I am sorry, I guess I was not clear. It simply puzzles me how a
site can get 1 *.edu domain inbound link a week for almost a year....
with content from what I could see was more autogenerated (1/2 million
pages, that is a rate of 2000 new pages a day) rather than handcrafted
with meaningful text.    I would love to get a few *.edu links, all my
sites are content and handmade but have few.

While the site I referenced has a system of getting .edu links, and
really are very successful, and have traffic now as a result.
Trusted, valued or authority links are a cornstone of SEO.   If anyone
has any ideas what they did let me know.


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Re: .edu link factory?

It looks like they are posting comments on a lot of .edu blogs will
this count for anything?  Is this blackhat or is this considered good

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