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Little while ago predicted I could get in the top 10 for the MSN Today
SERP because it was so easy. Did it with this page
http://www.seo-gold.com/tutorial/serps-competition.html with little on
page optimization for that SERP and no off page optimization (no links
using MSN Today as the anchor text).

Then predicted I should be able to get to number 3 with a little
optimization (links with MSN Today as anchor text).

Checked the SERP today and the page is number 2. This took one PR5
link from another site and one internal link (from a new page) using
MSN Today as the anchor. Stacey also added some links, though not sure
how many or where they all are, but assume none had high PR.

Didn't think I'd get above number 3 to be honest so 2 is a pleasant
surprise, I think number 1 is highly unlikely unless there was a
significant input of links and more on page optimization. It could
also drop with minor algo tweaks since there isn't much keeping it
there, not interested in the SERP, so no point going for it.

The page isn't in the top 50 for this SERP in Yahoo or MSN, which
shows how different Google is to those two.

Does show how you can obtain easy SERPs without masses of resources
(links) or having to over optimize your content. Get enough of this
type of SERP and you have a successful web site without needing top
rankings on hard SERPs. The SEO Gold site as a whole doesn't have any
of what would be considered the main SERPs (SEO, Search Engine
Optimization etc...), but still receives 550-650 visitors a day from
easy SERPs which is OK for a site well under a year old in a highly
competitive sector.

Another site of mine that's a bit older with a similar approach has
received visitors from almost 60,000 different search phrases this
month. last month it was over 83,000 search phrases with the best only
supplying 224 visitors in the month (about 7 visitors a day!). So all
that traffic is due to tens of thousands of SERPs that give a couple
of visitors a day each.

Does anyone else get this sort of traffic (lots of small SERPs rather
than a few big hitters) it really can add up?

Free Search Engine Optimization Tutorial
http://www.seo-gold.com/tutorial /

Re: Easy SERPs

David wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I also predicted you would move up.:-)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

They were low in PR, but I made them related.:-) They are not on my rug


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yep, I do get some from smaller niche ones like heart shaped rugs, oval
shaped rugs, round shaped rugs etc.

BTW the valid pages are now below my other other pages. :-)


Re: Easy SERPs

On Tue, 19 Jul 2005 12:23:30 GMT, David
"Easy SERPs":

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Very much so, last months stats. 3.4% of my traffic came from my number 1
optimised keywords "advanced driving" which is plastered everywhere on the
site (within reason of course).

78.4% of SERPS came from keywords outside of the top 20.

Just under a total of 49,241 page requests, so 38,605 came from searches on
keywords outside of my top 20.


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