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Hi all

I have a site (http://www.regatta.co.za /) which I am batteling to get
google to index it correctly.

Stuff I did'nt want indexed, was indexed (/ui/). so I have put in a
robots.txt file that should stop that.

Dynimac pages that were linked from the default page were not indexed.
I think this was because they have a extension, unknown to google, of
.dp (Dynimac page), even though they return a content type of
text/html. I am going to change this to .asp

My question to all the SEO is this:
I have read that it is not a good idea to return different content to
a browser, than to the user. I want to do this because I have Select
Boxes to navigate to Seasons and to Clubs. These "links" are not read
by googlebot. So I was think of programing it to return normal a href
links if the agent was googlebot. But like I said, I read that this
was not a good idea. Is this true. How dose googlebot determin if you
have done this. I am not trying to cheat the system, but get it work


Re: Dynimac Content question

Gary van der Merwe wrote:
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That sounds like a great reason to place a well-constructed site map
into the loop. Now, I'm no SEO powerhouse like some here, but sometimes
(like this) you don't need an alternative output method to achieve the
same result.

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Re: Dynimac Content question

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Ah. I just read about Gateway pages, which will do the trick.

The other thing I was thinking of doing is this:

Some pages often contain>100 links E.g.

Many of the links are the same. I could easly program the page to return
only unique links, which would bring the number of links to <100.

Dose Google detect that you are doing this, and do they  penelise you for
doing it.


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