dynamic pages with dynamic meta data

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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since i posted here.  The last time i was here iwe
chatted about getting my dynamic pages to autogenerate meta tags for
title and description.  Well guess what, it got done plus some.  The
page also pulls a paragraph from a text file and incorporates data from
the page and displays it as a h1. (with a internal  link back to my
main community page)

http://www.summerlin-las-vegas-real-estate.com/Summerlin/real-estate/513140.reml?search=74520902960600b317387bd414c7c874 &

I have it set up for only one of my sub sections ( real estate
communites) but hope to get the rest done soon.

Thanks for all your help here, i am making good progress in the serps.
Up to #7 in yahoo for summerlin real estate!


here is the post from a few months back.


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