Duplicate content ("holding" pages).

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We've registered quite a few URL's over the years, all with names related to
our products and services.  Although we have a single main website, with all
of our content, documents and media on, I was thinking about putting up a
holding page on each of our registered URL's that point to our main website.
This holding page will essentially be a directory of all of our products and
services on a single page.  The key point though is that it will just be
copied over all URL's (about 30 of them), rather than unique for each URL.

My question is simply whether search engines will penalise our main site
given that this content will be duplicated across our registered URLs.


Re: Duplicate content ("holding" pages).

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 16:19:38 +0100, "Robinson"

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29 of them probably won't be indexed then. Indexes cost time and money
to maintain and there's no reason for the engines to pay to index
duplicated content. The pissing contest between Yahoo and Google about
how big their indexes are seems to be over now.

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I wouldn't expect them to do that. But why bother to do it in the
first place, eh?



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