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On Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:59:34 +0100, "Andrew Gibson"

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I agree with most of that Andrew, Thank you

I am planning on getting a new domain for politics, and I know that is
essential, it is just whether I get partyname.org or partyname.org.uk
as I want to attract people worldwide, but just locally initially
within my community, I want to prove policies within my community
before spreading my wings

and I already have used a good name for a search engine years ago, but
all the domains have gone and are up for sale at very high prices
noone was using them as a search engine last time I checked

I haven't seen your site yet, so post it and tell me where you come in
the SEs for keyterms if you like...and I will have a look with

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Just read the post I made in response to your "ok, honest question - honest
answer" thread.


Andrew Gibson

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Or...the guys Michael Jackson used.


James Taylor

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All the more reason not to associate that domain with spamming.

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Nonsense.  You could have optimized your page for search
engines in far less time than you have spent posting to
alt.internet.search-engines.  Why do you bother posting
to alt.internet.search-engines if you don't want to so SEO?

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"Guy Macon" <http://www.guymacon.com wrote in message
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That is a good point Guy.

Whay didn't we think to ask that B4 :-))

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