Drop in Google rank?

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Can anyone shed any light on this one. I built a site for a
local company and within days of launch, it had a PR of 4.
Not too bad considering there were hardly any inbound links.

Suddenly, the PR has dropped to 1 and it seems to have totally
dropped out of searches for 'uk business coaching' which was
the prefered search term.

The client *is* having trouble finding good inbound links, so
that isn't going to help, but why the sudden drop? It's almost
as if the site's been penalised for some reason.

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Re: Drop in Google rank?

The whole thing seems a mess at the moment. The same search will bring
different results within minutes of repeating it. My site for one search is
going up and down like a yoyo. It is so annoying seeing crap doing better
than your own site and there seems little you can do about it at the moment.

One site actually says "gone out of business" and has been like that for
months. My site is very much up and running supplying better stuff and is
languishing behind it. The allinanchor search my site does well. The
allinurl search contains one of my pages which my competitors does not - is
this bringing my site down?

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Re: Drop in Google rank?

On Thu, 05 Feb 2004 19:18:47 +0000, John Dingley wrote:

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Have you offered to buy their URL?  ;-)

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