domain redirecting. is it naughty?

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I really should know the answer to this by now, but here's my predicament.

I've just registed 15 (yes 15) keyword-rich domains in the last 2 days. They
are not all for the same project. I have about 4 projects going on, all
based around the same theme.

For project 1 I bought and it will be the "parent" domain of
that project. I also bought & to "claim the

I then did the same for, and

What I want to know is can I put the non-parent domains to good use?
I don't want to get separate hosting packages for them all. I just want one
hosting package per project and then I want to find a way to drive traffic
to the parent domain using the non-parent domains.

I tried to be concise :)

Re: domain redirecting. is it naughty?

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This sounds like the way to go.
Google won't have a problem with this will they?

I may do the cheap hosting option too actually so I can just use the site as
a relevent link to my main site(s)

thanks for that

Re: domain redirecting. is it naughty?

Brothermark wrote:

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I am not sure about that.

(I use to send different domains or different subdomains
to doorway pages that are slightly different)
(but this needs a CGI script...)


Re: domain redirecting. is it naughty?

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You don't need to use a cgi script for this if you get your current host to
point the relative domains to the correct folders then this work no problem

eg / / /

Now we will be redoing the complete site and on the main parent it will have
absolute links to the various "departments" and each of these I will treat
as mini sites or my "siteletts" (registered trade mark to me >:} )

Just make sure that your host company is away of the domain and to which
directory it should go to.. If they can't do it most others will.. or drop
me a line.



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