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Zoraster wrote:
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You might wish to ask such questions in,
where the folks who do actual experiments hang out. Asking in
alt.www.webmaster gets mostly opinions not based on experiment.

Search engines are quite good at finding dictionary words without
the help of hyphens, so both versions listed above should do well,
"bread" and "muffins" being common words.

A website about the movie titled "Zyzzyx Rd." called
might give the search engines a bit of trouble finding where the end
of the first word is, so perhaps might be better.

Then there are domain names that can be read more than one way.
For example:

Pen Island fine writing instruments

Mole Station (it's a town in Australia)

Therapist Finder

Speed of Art (A Speedo is a type of swim suit)

Students Exchange

Go Tahoe! (Lake Tahoe Tourism info)

BTW, you can use, for example, instead of to make the words Guy and Macon stand out
more to human visitors, and possibly even help the search
engines to find the start of each word.  Domain names are
not case-sensitive.

Whatever you do, pick one way of representing your website
and always use that, never any variations.  Search engines
don't like finding the same content at different URLs.

Guy Macon < Guy Macon <
Guy Macon < Guy Macon <
Guy Macon < Guy Macon <
Guy Macon < Guy Macon <

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