Domain names high in Google?

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I am considering buying an extra that will simply be redirected to the main
domain. Will the word in the domain address count for anything on Google? If
so, will these words still count if the domain is simply redirected to the
main site or will the domain lose its importance? I Hope I made myself

Re: Domain names high in Google?

If your just redirecting then it will be no use whatsoever.

the benefit will come if you get a link to the domain,

ie if the link is
then if some links to using the domain name as the
link text then the domains ranking will be boosted for keyword1 + keyword2.

In my opinon a domain with keywords in is now use unless it receives the
correct links.

You have to take into consideration branding however. People will find your
site through keywords and not your company name. However if the domain is
keywords then they are less likely to remember your companies name. If your
company name is xyz then a domain of may be more appropriate as
it will promote the recognition of your name and customers are more likely
to remember it and type it directly into the browser for their second
purchase which is a much better method than relying on a search engine for
traffic in the long term.

I hope the above makes sense.

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Re: Domain names high in Google?

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Is this a feeling you have or is this certain knowledge?

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Thanks for your detailed reply, Simon.

In my case the major keywords are also in my company name (xx-yy zz) but
there are different ways to search for them. My domain today is and
my thought was that if I also had domains like and they
would get me higher in Google. I'm not prepared for the hassle of having 3+
sites to maintain everytime I make one change on my site, this is why I
would redirect.

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