Domain name changing blues

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I recently renamed to .

I put a 301 Redirect in place on the old site which redirects all traffic
to the new domain.

I then swung most of the inbound links from the old domain name to the new
domain name.

Everything was fine for about a week.  Then, suddenly the old site lost
95% of it's SERPS.  Unfortunately, the new site has only picked up about
5% of it's SERPS.

Traffic is down more than 75%.

I'm not sure what the lesson here is, but I think this is part of it:

. Don't swing those links too quickly.  Wait for the new site to be out of
the sandbox and into the full real database before turning the links to
the old site off.

That's just a guess, of course!  The reality is that I just don't know.


Re: Domain name changing blues

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I did a similar exercise a few months ago and I took the gradual approach
making the change over 4 or 5 weeks doing "folders" one at a time and it
seemed to work very well - I wondered at the time if doing a quick swap
would cause problems and from your own experince it seems that my hunch was

I expect your site will recover after a period of time to its old self, but
it doesn't help in the short term of course.

Re: Domain name changing blues

I had to do a really quick domain move about a month ago when the server

my Web site was on crashed and didn't come back.  My traffic was way
down for about 2 weeks, and now it's back to within 10% of usual and
gradually increasing.  My sites are showing up about where it always did
on Google.  However, I recently checked them on MSN, and their ranking
on MSN makes no sense whatsoever.  Perhaps content doesn't matter on MSN...

My most popular sites get much of their traffic from a couple of USENET
newsgroups.  I made a point of posting the status of my Web site's
server problems to the related newsgroups, including posting the
IP address of the new domain so people could visit it before the
DNS information was propagated.

Laurie D. T. Mann
Findable Sites

Re: Domain name changing blues

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Yes I think taking a gradual approach is very safe. I was surprised
the way he moved the website...


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