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Can anyone tell me if there is a web site which can explain the pluses and
the minuses relating to domain masking?
I'm looking after a web site which has the main domain as normal (and un
masked) . At some time, another URL was brought into use and this was set up
using domain masking. It appears that some search engines do not read these
'masked pages'.  I'd appreciate a source which explains the whole thing in
plain English (not too much teccy stuff!) Michael  Roberts
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Re: domain masking

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Re: domain masking

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The green on black was a bit scary... had to copy the text to my word
package to actually read it - Yes I am over 40.
Apart from that you are probably right about the skinflints.

But try this one. I bought an address and set my website up on it. Then
someone wanted the domain name and bought it from me for real live cash, I
couldn't really refuse a reasonable offer. So I got another domain name and
started from scratch. Now, it may be that this one will appeal to someone in
the same way. So I was wondering about using this masking to send users from
what may well later on become my third domain name to my existing second
domain name. BTW I don't do frames, and its a means to an end rather than a
money making thing.
Also what are the likely penalties of creating a mirror site on my third
domain name, exact in every detail apart from the site name..? Any known
penalties ...

 Sealy Haton

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Re: domain masking

Sealy Haton wrote:
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Sounds more like a serverside redirect rather than masking - and, done
properly, that presents no problems for the SEs..

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