Does this make sense?

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Google pulls keywords out of server-side file paths.
I know this because I can find some of my pages by file path
directory names and/or filenames that are unique (some of my file
names do
not exist as text inside any page, and yet I can use that filename as
keyword to find my page).

Many people (most, I'd say) structure their sites in a server-side
file system
that includes directories for css (/styles)  and images (/images)

So the directory name "images" is a keyword. But it's a useless one,
because it conveys no site specific meaning. If you had a model
website, and if you put all your images inside a directory called "/
that increase the density of asssociation for all pages that had a
with the two keywords "model" and "airplane"

<img src="/model-airplanes/plastic-fantastic-model.jpg" alt="plastic-
fantastic-model" />

In other words, because most pages will include at least one image,
and if
that image lives inside a central directory, isnt' that a useful

Re: Does this make sense?

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Your URL to any given file on your site that Google records is also
recorded and used, yes.

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