does this apply to your DROPPED site?

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an interesting question for all of you with dropped sites or decreased
ranks.... see if this applies to you and reply... ONLY those that HAVE
EXPERIENCED a sudden drop in the past 2-4 days...

out of all of our sites that dropped, it seems that they have dropped to a
rank that they have held in the past months... anotherwords if our site went
from 40th to 15th to 2nd to 1st, it seems that now it is holding one of
these ranks possibly going reverse... i actually noticed some of the sites
literaly drop in reverse in a matter of hours... i saw the referer hit in
the log and a little while (30 minutes to a few hours) later the rank was no
longer on that page but one or several down (to a previous rank)...

furthermore it seems that it only applied to certain keywords meaning that
it didn't affect the whole site's rankings... another words... if u went

2nd to 1st for keyword1 3 months ago
    and you went from
2nd to 1st for keyword2 2 months ago

keyword1 may have dropped back to 2nd but keyword2 didn't budge...
furthermore... the drop went to a previously held stable rank (in this case
2nd)... but it didn't go to any rank in between or below... anotherwords it
didn't and doesn't hold a rank that it never held when *stable*

this seems to be more noticeable on the top ranks since those are more
memorable of where u were...

but here's a really interesting observation... it seems that those that have
climbed significantly in the last few months are the ones that seem to have
been affected the most... my guess is that these new sites gained the
largest percentage of their total backlinks in the last several
months...whereas sites that have had backlinks for several months or years
didn't notice such a drop...

i.e. sites with 80-100% backlinks aquired in the last few months were
hardest hit (possibly dropped to oblivion) compared to sites that aquired a
smaller portion of their links in the last months (like 0-40%)

so what do u say? apply to u or not?

what's the cause?... maybe google rolled back (due to? miscalculation in
backlinks? corrupt link data/data loss? maybe sites with the largest gain in
rank being re-calculated for some odd reason?)... any ideas?

Re: does this apply to your DROPPED site? wrote:

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I didn't read all of your post but certainly, the point above applies to me

Re: does this apply to your DROPPED site?

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I like this theory, in fact if I was a google employee, I'd like to build it
into the algorithm, it would make sure that sites can't zoom to the top of
the listings by buying 20,000 back-links all from the same site, in one go.


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