Does no result for URL mean not in index?

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I set up a new website in December. Googlebot came through on Dec 21. i
saw that the website was listed on Google without a description shortly
after. That was fine; at least I was listed.  But about a week later
the listing disappeared. If I type in "" to
search for the site, there are no results. If I check the access log on
my server, there are no further instances of Googelbot visiting after
Dec 21.  I combed through my website and removed anything that might be
even remotely suspicious to Google, and then submitted a reinclusion
request.  Google replied with a few links to help pages that offer the
advice of searching for my URL "". But that
doesn't help me since I already checked, and as far as I can tell, is not listed.  Can anyone help me by 1) letting me
know if I am incorrect about not being listed in Google, and 2) letting
me know what I can do to facilitate getting the Googlebot to come back?
I have links on about 6 other sites leading to my site, and about 2 of
those sites have PR's of 5/10.  Thanks a bunch!


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The google PageRank is whited-out which usually indicates that Google
accepts that the web site as existing but has not really examined it or is
undecided whether it should be penalized and is scheduled for human review.
It hasn't any pages listed from the site and hasn't registered any

I notice in Yahoo that the site is listed and has links from about 9 other

It may have been a mistake to list the URL to Google for crawling. This
procedure is generally slower than allowing Google to naturally crawl links
to find your site on it's own, even though it declares that it has no links
to your site, the fact is ( from looking at Yahoo's results ) that it
probably does. So your web site may be in the general queue for spidering of
new sites. Hopefully, it follows a link to your site first.

I also checked the entrance page's coding and would suggest that you swap
the positions of the meta keyword and the meta description tags. Put the
description first. The actual code was very clean, but not perfectly
adhering to HTML 4.0 standards as indicated in your DOCTYPE comment. The
small errors will not affect the search engine spider's ability to navigate
through the site. I only found two links on the entrance page though and
both were to .cgi scripts. This is a classic SE no no. Get some quality
textual links happening on the entrance page to encourage deeper spidering.
The .cgi script links may be insufficient for a meaningful crawl.

Finally, but perhaps the most important consideration, I noticed that your
entrance web page is listed in Yahoo as being 64k size. The page I looked at
today was only 5k. A question here would be, what did the 64k page contain?
Was that content penalizable ( I know that isn't a real word ) and did it in
fact get a penalty from Google?

Re: Does no result for URL mean not in index?

Fred - Thank you for your reply.  Here are my comments. I've heard that
the whited-out PageRank is not a good indicator of whether or not the
webpage is in Google's index. Some people say that a blacklisted site
has a grey PageRank bar, and other people say that both grey bars and
white bars are the color they are because that is the default color,
and any pagerank bar that has a default color MAY indeed be
blacklisted. I've been told to confirm it by typing in the URL into
Google's search box.  if you have a whited-out PR and your name shows
up in Google's index, then Google is aware of your page and waiting on
a further review. But if you have a whited-out box AND the URL doesn't
show any tiny bit of evidence of its existence in Google's index, then
you can assume that either the site is too young for Google, or that it
has been blacklisted.  My concern is that the Googlebot came through
the website on Dec21 and crawled several of the internal pages (as
evidenced in the access log), but Googlebot has never returned. You
mentioned that about 9 sites have links to my site. If I check the
access logs to three of those sites (friends of mine) then I see that
Googlebot crawls them every couple of days. So why hasn't Googlebot
returned to my site if it has crawled the backlinked sites about 20
times? I wish Google had an available list of sites it has blacklisted
so that a person can check if their site is included or not.
Further, i don't know if it really matters whether Google finds a site
on its own or by referral through a website submission. I've heard both
stories, but I've submitted other sites in the past and they got listed
fairly quickly.
I greatly appreciate your suggestions on the actual code. I am nowhere
near an expert in web programming, but I've been trying to learn.  To
explain the size discrepency on the first page (and also the lack of
links), originally the front page was a replica of the internal "chart"
page, but with no data. The front page then had a automatic redirect
(meta "refresh" after zero seconds) to go and load the cgi chart page.
The cgi chart page used perl to load the data for the chart and to
display the data.  My concern became that Google found the redirect to
be sneaky and didn't like that. So I deleted the original front page
(the one that is probably showing up in Yahoo) and replaced it with a
clean entrance page that uses a clickable link to direct the viewer in
to the cgi chart page.  I like your suggestion of adding text links to
help facilitate crawling by bots.
I would like to still find a reliable way of testing whether the site
is blacklisted or not. The whited-out bar is not reliable enough to me
since different people say varying things about it. I tried to go to
the "google banned tool" website to analyze the site and it told me
that the site is indeed not included in Google; either because it is
too young or it has been blacklisted.  Do you know if Google actually
investigates reinclusion requests? Or do they just have the automated
reply that tells you to read their help section.  Do you know of any
sites that are confirmed to be blacklisted? Perhaps then we could try
those sites to see what color their PR bar is.
Again, I appreciate all your help with this.

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... Do you know if Google actually
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Google toyed with the idea of sending notices to web site owners regarding
reasons that the web sites were penalized, or worse. Unfortunately I haven't
seen that manifested.

Having had several web sites banned from Google throughout the years, I have
experience in the field of squirming to get web sites reranked, with

Before I answer the question, it is accepted knowledge here, I think, that a
white bar and a grey bar are different in the PageRank tool. The grey bar
means that the site is not in Google's database. The white bar means that it
is. I have never heard of it changing because of default colors, although
that may be possible. In SEO, when you think you know something, it means
that you are confused and luckily there is always someone here to straighten
it out.

If I read correctly, you first made Google aware of the site on Dec. 21. I
would not be panicking yet. It is still early. Google is known to defy
predictable responses.

Your site is queued. Googlebot has made appearances, feelers not necessarily
deep crawls. If you eventually, in a month or so, decide that you should
send a request to have your web site reviewed because you suspect that it
may have been penalized, or worse, then make sure that you let the editor
know the state of the site when it was in it's infancy and at 64k. I believe
that is the key. Refreshes are very tricky. They are frequently used by
spammers and if a web site appears to use a spam technique, then a number of
things could happen. In your case, I believe the site may have been shelved
for human review, although Google is not comfortable to admit this. But in
my opinion, it has not been banned from the search engine results, it
appears "sandboxed".

Anyway, that's my best analysis from the cuff. Have patience for about a
month and then a give a thorough explanation to the editor in requesting a
site review.

Re: Does no result for URL mean not in index?


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