Does Google Downgrade non US sites?

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I have a site which dropped off Google dramatically a couple of weeks ago
(even after following the best advice). I'm wondering even though my site is
a .com does Google downgrade non US sites?

Re: Does Google Downgrade non US sites?

Anything is possible with google.

Their web search is becomming total crap!

It seems that for certain search terms, probably got from their adwords
campaingns, there are about 5 sites that occupy the top positions - nothing
seems to shift them. - I think They are hardcoded.

Then everybody else suffles around for the remaining slots using a totally
crap algo. I have been following the changes over the past few months and
making modifications as I go. Any changes I make and I have made several
only make things worse for my position. Increases in keywords cause my site
to drop. Decreases cause it to drop. Changing titles and descriptions cause
it to drop. Any bl**dy thing I do causes a drop. Abandoned sites get better
positions. I made a site with just a keyphrase title and the same heading
with no content! That does better than my site which has content about that
keyphrase. Is this a good search engine? I'd say it is about as crappy as
you could get.

On ALL other search engines I'm on page 1 #5 or better. On google I'm #20 if
I'm lucky. I don't mind that if the other 10 pages are better but they are
not. If the other search engines can recognise this and google cannot it
does not bode well for google in my opinion.

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Re: Does Google Downgrade non US sites?

On Sun, 8 Feb 2004 14:25:10 +0000 (UTC), "Hansen J."

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I have a few sites with very similar content and it is a site,
hosted in England, that shows up highest on most searches. All my
other sites are .com hosted in the US. So, I don't think google are
downgrading non US sites.

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Re: Does Google Downgrade non US sites?

I have no idea, suffice to say that many .my or sites never
seem to appear, though that no doubt is because 99% of website owners
outside of those who visit these boards have any single clue
whatsoever about 'Florida' or 'Austin' or whatever. So you search for
a car rental in Langkawi Malaysia and you get sites from other
countries that promote car rental companies that do not even have a
branch in Malaysia, you test it out and it askes you type of car, they
are US car descriptions, it aks you which rental company and it
includes many US companies, again, no representation at all, so you
ask for 'anyhting', what does it tell you? - Sorry, no cars available
on that day.
Try to find a 'local' car rental company, forget it, does not appear
Unless they know all these tricks and adjustments their sites

I agree on 'abandoned sites', I have seen Pos 2 and 3 help for some
terms for sites that are 4 years old, and not a single update, quoting
an even in 98 or 99, all the information is out of date, yet, the page
sits there.

A point about links, we all know unless you have thousands of links
you have a problem, so what happens when a site bas3ed in Asia has any
links in the local language, the tags wouldn't be recognised would
they? Expecting some small hotel owner, car business or whatever in
Malaysia to start learning about back links, alt tags, inbound links
etc, forget it, won't happen. Most people have shifted to Cari and
other local searches now anyhow.

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