Does Google dislike part-code lists?

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I have a site which indexes OK in Google except for the pages that
carry stock lists.  Essentially the site sells obsolete components
which are usually in short supply but essential to maintain old

The site just lists, over a number of pages, about 2000 items by
manufacturer's code.  The ability of a user to locate a scarce item by
searching on a part code is key to success.  AltaVista searches do
find the stock-list pages, Google doesn't.

There isn't much to say about the individual items and many are
one-offs, the only relevant info people need is that it's, say a
honeywell thermostat code abc123 so the lists don't make interesting
reading and the page content is overwhelmingly code numbers rather
than dictionary words.

Any suggestions how Google might be persuaded to index the stock code

The list items could be separated by line breaks, paragraph breaks,
table cells or unformatted list tags, does Google show a preference?

If I were to build the stock code lists into pages Google does list
would I risk getting the whole site knocked off Google?

Should I add apparently relevant text to the pages regardless of the
fact that all the user wants to know is that someone can provide the
rare component he needs?

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