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Last week I posted about my google placements being high and that same
day, we lost our placements.  Later on in the day, our placements were
high again.  Googlebot had visited and we now had more pages ranked highly.

Last night/This morning Googlebot visited to the tune of 250 visits and
our placements are gone again.

We've redesigned our web site and we're touching it daily at this point,
adding pages and revising content on poorly ranked pages.

It seems to me that as google re-indexes our web site, we are
temporarily pulled from the SERPs, and when it's done we're right back
up there.

Is my theory a possibility?


Re: Do you notice this?

Another point that I've discovered is that we are getting roughly the
same amount of traffic through adwords and our phone has stopped
ringing.  It seems as though, at least for us, adwords is getting us
traffic, but not customers.

Arthur Dent wrote:

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Re: Do you notice this?

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Google still might be doing some "sifting" here and there.  Typically, it is
not a good idea to make changes to your site when Google is doing this
because you will never know what works and what doesn't.  Generally, Google
adjusts pagerank once a month, but they can do a whole lot of things

I believe (just a theory) that Google is trying real hard to get things
tidied up for the IPO and as such, they realize they will be under greater
scrutiny by those who will challenge their results and indirectly their
algorithm...which will directly affect their IPO price and how much money
all the peripheral players get since the ALGO is Google's primary
technology.  AD Words will not  really make a difference IPO-wise because
nothing about that technology is proprietary...that I know of.

I would suggest that you continue to review content pages...not on how
Google reacts to them short term but based upon what you know about solid
SEO practices.  Don't drastically change anything unless you were already
planning to do so and wait until the next Google dance to see if you are
really there or not.

As far as your phone not ringing and the AdWords still show traffic, this
could be because when the customers click through, your site does not show
because it is not in the index.  Contact Google and speak to a rep.  They
have always been fair and pretty quick with us.  If this is the case, you
can provide them with some examples and they will perhaps refund or not bill
you for a period of time.

While you have them on the phone, you might want to ask why this is
occurring to your site.  I would not mention that you are making changes
almost daily to keep up though...don't sound like you are doing SEO, try to
sound like you are a business person who uses Google's services to increase
your profits and it is not happening.

Best of luck on this one.

James Taylor

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