do cohosted websites generate decent pagerank?

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It seems to me that if you host a number of different websites (say 50) all
connected to the same subject on a "reseller" webspace (ie with the same
hosting company), you could generate some decent pageranks for the main 1 or
2 sites by getting the rest to link back to them.  Basically you could
create the effect of having independent (non connected) 50 websites linking
back to you without having the hassle of getting 50 related "competitors" to
link back to you.

One potential problem though - they would all be on similar IP address
ranges.  Has anybody tried this, and will google see through it?

Just curious and would welcome feedback on the idea!

Re: do cohosted websites generate decent pagerank?

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Google will certainly detect if the pages have very similar content,
structure, and are hosted at the same DNS. If the sites are about different
subjects and contain completely different information you should have no
problem. Otherwise, you may find that at best only one of your sites gets

Re: do cohosted websites generate decent pagerank?

John Dingley wrote:
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I agree with John's comments above.  The idea you describe has been tried
before - it is called link farming.   It is against the Google guidelines
and such sites are downgraded or even banned.   I recommend: "Never put link
to a link farm".    Best regards, Eric.

Re: do cohosted websites generate decent pagerank?

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 09:48:11 GMT, "Eric Johnston"

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Um, well, no, it isn't. That's something else.


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Re: do cohosted websites generate decent pagerank?

curious wrote:

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If the original PR theory algorithm still holds then yes. But you don't
even need to cohost or do anything that tricky. Google treats an
internal page just the same as an external page so just do it on your
existing website. SEODave, amongst many others has discussed in this
n.g. and it has been tried, most notably by Pron sites.

What are the issues? Well you would need to generate a lot of pages to
get the same PR that you could get from just a few internal links. I
remember someone here generated 11,000 pages once to try this then ran
out of i-nodes on his server.

Google can probably detect such schemes and will penalize you. How?
Unnatural linking, totally unbalanced PR on the site, loads of filler
pages with no purpose but to link back to the main page. Even if you
cohost this will be detectable. You could generate thousands of pages
with real content, say by using project Gutenberg as source then
creating a natural hieararchy to the E.P., with 50,000 pages of unique
content that might work nicely for something, say like a classic
literature site.

PR counts for what these days? 20% of the overall Google weighting?

Your scheme will not get by algorithms such as Hilltop (if Google really
does implement this).

Re: do cohosted websites generate decent pagerank?

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 13:47:37 +0200, David Off

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That's a great idea, wish I'd thought of it :-))

Don't expect miracles from a large site alone since 50,000 new pages
does not generate much PR. You need significant 'seed' sites with good
PR to start with to give your large site reasonable PR.

I posted previously how much 50,000 pages was worth in terms of PR and
I think it would result in a PR5 home page if you can get them all
indexed (which takes PR to start with :-)).

The real use of such sites is the very, very long term. If you create
a content site it will generate natural links and you can submit
various pages to places like DMOZ. You also have lots more options for
reciprocal links.

Speaking of which if anyone is interested in some reciprocal linking
between business (or ebook/book) sites (where one of your keywords is
business/ebook/book etc.. or at least business/book related) and you
haven't done anything stupid (like link spamming) I'm looking for
links for- /

These pages /
would be good links for a site about Finance for example.

If you have multiple sites and want links to one site for links from
another I'll consider that.

BTW not too concerned about the PR of the pages I get links from, I'm
looking for long term links from quality sites that will be here in a
few years time. I'm not interested in links from link pages, this is
content to content linking.

-- /

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