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One of their rules is

Do not submit URLs that contain only the same or similar content as other
sites you may have listed in the directory.  Sites with overlapping and
repetitive content are not helpful to users of the directory.  Multiple
submissions of the same or related sites may result in the exclusion and/or
deletion of those and all affiliated sites.

so if my site is suitable for various categories within the DMOZ directory
is this telling me that I can only add it in one???

Thanks in advance

Re: DMOZ Submissions

Craig wrote:
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   You should submit to the one best category. Are the sites related
such they may be suitable for a category higher up the tree in one

Re: DMOZ Submissions

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I have submitted by site numerous times to DMOZ... but have never
been listed!???

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DMOZ has been a tad unresponsive for some time now. I haven't heard of
anybody getting listed.

Try: /

I was listed within an hour.

Daniel Ruscoe

Re: DMOZ Submissions

It depends if the category has an editor, and, if so, if that editor
logs in to do editing regularly.

(I am an editor - I login daily. )


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Yiou have to submit to the one category that you think is the most
apporopiate for your website.

When an editor reviews your site, they do a search to see if you are already
listed. If you are, then they won't list you in another category.

Quicky for DAVID,

One of the things an editor has to look out for with any e-commerce site is
a link to the sites 'TERMS & CONDITIONS'. I had a look at your site and that
was the only thing I could think that may be against you - I couldn't find
one. (It was only a quick look though).


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This could be my problem too.

I first submitted in Sept to a category without an editor and assumed
that was the problem.

I therefore submitted my four software products to appropriate
categories with different editors and hoped at least one would be
quickish but nothing yet.

Assuming an e-commerce site means any site selling something, I guess
I qualify. What are the requirements for terms and conditions - are
these / other requirements described somewhere available to all or is
this info available only to editors.

Was thinking of volunteering as an editor anyway but need to finish
movng house first so it'll be a while. I sort of like the concept of
the whole thing although software categories are a mess - IMHO require
some considerable rationalisation.

Software author. (please edit my email addr. to prove you're not a dumb 'bot)
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Re: DMOZ Submissions

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They are not looking for anything specific in your (t&c) terms and
conditions, just the fact that you have them and joe blogs customer has
something to fall back on if they are not happy with their purchase.

This info is stated in the DMOZ editors guidelines. Not sure whether joe
public gets to see it or not, probably not!

If you want some advice on becoming an editor, send me an email.


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