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I have serious problems submitting sites to DMOZ lately.
Not that it takes long before a site is accepted (I'm very patient :-) but
the submit procedure fails technically.
After submitting the status bar shows that the browser tries to open: ... Without succes, even after a couple of
hours, or I get a 404 message.
Categories with problems e.g.:
- /

Does anyone recognise these problems and/or can offer a solution??
Thanks, Nico

Re: DMOZ problem

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Nico Schuyt"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Worse: first it was telling me that I did not have access to edit pages
when clicking on a link on the home page.  Then I think they must have
taken the whole thing down, because I can't connect to
at all now.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: DMOZ problem

Adrienne wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

That crystall ball probably scared them off :-)
But it seems we are not the only ones encountering problems. I just read the
article below on the DMOZ forum.
Cheers, Nico

There are currently many errors that may occur while you are trying to
submit your site, many of them temporary. I'm going to try to cover the
common few, and the solutions for them.

These first two problems have been happenning a lot lately, suggesting there
still may be some issues with the new system. It doesn't hurt to report the
issue if it doesn't seem to have been reported in a while, but try to use
one of the many threads in this forum to report it, instead of starting a
new thread.

When you press Submit, you are asked for an editor name and password

This problem began as a result of the upgrade to more than one server. The
problem has been fixed in part, but at least one server still appears to
have the erroneous information. If you happen to be trying to submit from
that server, you will be unable to complete the submission.

Currently, there is no workaround for this. It may be a propagation issue,
in which case, it will clear up on it's own in time. Wait a while, and try

After pressing the submit button and waiting a long time, you get a 500
Internal Server Error or it times out and you get a Server Not Found error.

These most often occur because the server is overloaded. If you got this
error, assume your site was not submitted. You should try to submit again.
If it still doesn't work, you might want to try again later, when most of
the United States is asleep, which is when the server is less busy.

You got a message that says "Sorry, we could not determine your IP address
for this submission"

If you got this message, *your site was submitted*. It is not necessary to
submit again. All this means is that your submission has been routed to a
special holding area, where a few dedicated editors will verify that your
submission is legitimate and will then send it on to the submission queue in
the category you submitted to.

Time outs/server not found

These still seems to be occuring from time to time. The best thing to do is
wait a minute or so and try again.

These problems below should be fixed, but I'll keep this here just in case.

It says "Site Exists" even though the site doesn't exist.

This is a bug that is currently occurring in categories with special
characters in the URL. It will be temporary but the estimated time for
fixing is currently unknown. Until it's fixed, here's one way to work around

Once you get to the category you will be submitting to, before you click on
the Add Url link, look at the URL in your browser location/address bar and
copy the category portion of it--that is, everything except the portion

Then click on the Add Url, and look at the location bar again. In this new
url, it ends with where= and the category, except the special characters in
the category name are not quite right (an Apache redirect bug, apparently).

Remove the bad category from the url, and paste the category you copied in
step 1.

Hit enter or click go or whatever makes it load a URL you typed in.
To know if it worked, go down the page just a short way and it will list the
category. If the special characters aren't displaying correctly, then this
didn't work.


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