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Here's a rumor I just heard. I just heard from a credible source I know
that Google is going to dump dmoz for the directory listing sometime
this year and very soon from what I hear. If you've noticed google has
not updated the directory in about 6 months. That's because they are
well aware of all the corruption of the dmoz editors who manipulate the
dmoz directory for their own personal gain. So google has frozen
directory listings since almost last spring and it will stay that way
until someone else takes over doing the directory listings for them.
Incidently they have aol approval now to do this. The new directory
listings provider will either be Yahoo or MSN and that much I know for
sure as a fact. Google isn't even sure at this point which one will get
the job. The deal will work with whoever gets it as a trade off. Yahoo
or MSN does google's directory listings and google will do their site
listings. That is how it will go down. Submitting sites will still work
the same way either to google add url form or to yahoo or MSN submit
form once yahoo and msn get their new search directories up and going.
It's probably going to take a few months from now till it happens. But I
am so glad dmoz is finally finished! Those bastards all deserve it!

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Sam. What will happen to Alexa which is built on dmoz. I have just got some
trivial entries onto it, which are already on Yahoo, but I have been vainly
wishing for more.


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Douglas Clark wrote:
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I imagine some of the smaller engines like alexa will continue with dmoz
until it goes super nova.

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Not true.  The Google Directory was updated in December.  Updates have been
infrequent though.

That should give one enough reason to take this rumor with a grain of salt.
However, there have been statements implying that DMOZ could be dropped by
Google on Webmaster World, so who knows...

Yahoo is too small a data set.  MSN does not have a directory - they use(d)
Looksmart/Zeal, again too small a data set.

John Merrell
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I agree.
I just had pages added to the google directory from DMOZ last month.
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And what with non-english sites? A new directory has to accept sites in all
languages like DMOZ does - and Yahoo and MSN accepts only english sites or
sites with optional english version.


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