dmoz listing wait time?

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2 part question:

a) what is the average wait time for a dmoz listing submission to get
i have some sites that I submitted quite a while ago, but they are still not

b) should I resubmit the site(s), or would that be a bad thing?


Michael Evangelista
Southern Utah Web Design

Re: dmoz listing wait time?

On Sun, 09 Jan 2005 00:03:06 GMT, "Michael 23"

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Someone posted on alt.www.webmasters - and I've seen the same posted
to WebMasterWorld, SearchGuild, and other forums: anywhere from "a few
days up to maybe 2 years or longer ..." - then again, according to the
DMOZ editor who posted in the webmasters NG, the DMOZ edito can ignore
the queu and seek out sites on their own for inclusion.

So essentially: "your guess is as good as mine" and "luck" combined.

Resubmitting nixes out your older slot in the queu and puts you at the
bottom of the heap. You can post to the DMOZ/ODP forum to have them
check on your submission ... but most you may hear is "it's still in
the queu".


re: dmoz listing wait time?

When dealing with DMOZ, it is best to think in geologic time...

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