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for the more seasoned hacks out there many of the directories below will be
very familiar, but for the newbies here's a list of, on the most part, free
to submit directories (posted 19thJuly /)

The list includes: (base page PR9) (base page PR9) (base page PR6, it uses frames, but it is SE
friendly) (base page PR6) (base PR6) (base page PR6) (base page PR6) (base page PR6) (base page PR6) (base PR5) (base PR5) (base PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR4) (base page PR4) (base page PR3)


Re: Directory list

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 01:07:37 +0000, M@ wrote:


Check out this more extensive list, along with (more importantly) pointers
on finding additional directories:


Re: Directory list

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How much does it help a site's web traffic to get listed in these
directories?  And how much can they contribute compared to getting a high
position on a Search engine (like Google, Yahoo, etc)?

Are there just a few 'heavy hitters' and a lot of  'also-rans'?

I am trying to determine the tradeoff on spending time getting listed on
more directories vs. improving my search engine rankings.

I'm already on DMOZ and yet my weblog indicates very few hits from there
(although maybe they are responsible for indirect hits also?)


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Re: Directory list

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004 13:43:25 +0000, Bob Kochem wrote:

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None of the directories, including DMOZ, will generate very many direct
visitors for you.

Submitting to these directories (and more, many more) will generate
inbound links with your site name as anchor text, and a bit of PR also.

This will help raise your search engine rankings.

The indirect benefits of submitting to directories outweigh the direct
benefits (making up a number) forty to one.


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