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I put links of the most popular web sites and other useful links on my site.
The user entered the site can go to their favoite site with a single click.
But the problem is it will not be listed on the Google, unless I put some
text on that. For example, I put "Happy Thanksgiving", I can search the site
from Google. But If I remove the only text, It disappeared from Google
So, I assume Google does not like pure links at all.

I think some people might think it is useful but it will not be listed on

This is the site



Re: Dilemma for me

Mike wrote:

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Well, I must say I'm suprised Google is indexing linksites at all (they
do appear on the SERPS). As a searcher I really hate it when I search
for something at Google (or any other SE) and the SERPS lead me to sites
that are merely/solely links that lead me somewhere else.

Imagine you were Google: where would you like to send your searchers? To
the information/products they are searching for or to a site that (in
the best caste) leads them to another site that has the information they
tried to find through your SE?


Re: Dilemma for me

I understand what you mean. But, how about the directory kind of web site,
like OpenDirectory ?
There are mainly three ways to get information. Firstly you know the source.
Secondly, you search the web via the search engine. And finaly you can  get
it from  directories(include portal). Search engine and the directories go
side by side.
CcNote is worked as some kind of directory,  but in a  concise way and make
it a handy web site to let user easily find information. For example, if you
go to
http://www.ccnote.com --> Security, AntiVirus and Remove Spyware
All the links are relevant and categoried. I can't say it is very useful for
experts, but for the normal user, they can quickly spot Virus related
information and get free check tools.

Actually, we also serve content such as tips but just don't want to waste
the front page.


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