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How does google decide to display its description of a site in the
search results?   I just happened to stumble on one of my pages while
searching for a unrelated topic because it pulled the text from my
footer as the description of the page.

I have a title, description, and tons of relevant text on the page, yet
it pulls the unrelated text in the footer?

Here is the page in question.

Here is the search result,GGLG:2006-24,GGLG:en&q=glvar+homes+search+link

Thanks for you reply!

Vegas kid

Re: description

"Vegas-real-estate-kid" wrote ...
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It depends on several things, primarily the search term you used.

Usually, Google looks in your meta description, and if all the terms are
included, will lift all or part of that. in this case, the metaD couldn't
supply a description that covers all the search terms.

Failing that, Google will snaffle one or two snippets from the page, again,
looking for those terms.  While the terms may well have appeared above, they
may not have appeared *together*; Google will not generally take four mini
snippets. one is preferred, two is OK.

in some cases, google will use the ODP description (if available, and if it
is relevant to the search).

But - and here's the clincher - Google also has many experimental systems,
so almost anything is possible, and may vary with different data center

That's why a meta description should avoid repetiton, rather concentrating
on a sentence that includes a variety of relevant terms that searchers are
likly to use. Makes for a better result.



Re: description

On Thu, 03 Aug 2006 08:56:06 GMT, "Andrew Heenan"

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That's for the home page, I believe, not the inner ones.

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Or a sales pitch is good.



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