Deleted domains?

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I've been following progress of a site for some time now
It hasn't been updated for close to 2 years now and looks
as though it is no longer being used.
It is up for renewal soon, and assuming the owner doesn't
re-register it what is the best way of me getting it?
It isn't a catchy domain name, so unless anyone knows anything
about it, is unlikely to be snapped up.
How much warning will the present owner get and will I be able to
register it the day after it expires.
Also, providing I don't change any file names and put content straight
into the pages, will it maintain its PR?
It currently has 4 or 5 PR6 pages and dozens of PR5 pages

Re: Deleted domains?

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Try going to and click on the link "Understand the life of
a domain name" it will explain the wait times and whats going on... if a
domain name says it expirs on August 1, 2004 it doesn't mean that it will be
available August 2, 2004... it could be months later before the domain name
actually becomes available for you to register

Re: Deleted domains?

Augustus wrote:

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And even domains you *think* won't be popular attract attention if they have
a PR of about 4 or more.

I tried to buy a couple of domains that had loads of inbound links and good
PR but despite registering with a few "backordering" services still didn't
manage to get them. The thing that annoyed me the most is I would have used
them, and neither domain is being used - just domain name speculators
sitting on them.

Another thing to consider is that it'll be about 3 months between the domain
expiring and you being able to buy it and I would think it's going to lose
its PR in that time.

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Re: Deleted domains?

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You do know Google doesn't transfer the PR of deleted domains now?

If you want the PR contact the owner and make an offer.

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Re:Deleted domains?

NO domains
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