delete history in google HELP HOW TO

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i am having problems with "google webpage"  when i type a "word" for
example "toyota cars" and later it takes me to there site,  i notice
that if i type the letter "T" in the google webpage search box it will
drop down a list of  sites that i have visited that start with the
letter "T" like toyota, or timber etc.. but i do not want people to see
the sites that i am look at when they go to search for something on the
google search webpage, i am not talking about my history page, i can
delete that easily,  what i need to know is how to "delete" google
webpage from memorizing and droping a list of websites i have visited
when i start typing the first letter of that word.

 keep in mind, this only happens on googles search webpage,

it could be any word, if i typed "yellow" or yahoo and later i go back
a week later to the google  search website, it will show all the sites
that i have entered in to the google search that begin with the letter
"Y"  how in the heck do i delete this..................

Re: delete history in google HELP HOW TO

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Sounds to me like you need to clear out an auto-complete feature somewhere,
maybe from a toolbar or maybe from your Internet browser.

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Re: delete history in google HELP HOW TO

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For the Google toolbar, there is a delete history function on the Google
icon. For the main page your computer controls that. In IE you click on
tools>internet options>content tab>auto complete>clear forms. Have the
appropriate boxes checked that you want to use to save passwords and history
and such. It is your control not Google that is doing it.

For Firefox Tools>Options>Privacy>Clear(saved form information).

Any other browser then please do a search and you should be able to find
what you need to do it just by doing the simple search of clearing search
history etc. As I use FF and IE so I could help you just on those 2.

Father -

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