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Currently, this search engine works best with more general computer
related queries: /

Users on who give meaningful tags to helpful/timely URLs
(as evidenced by others subsequently doing the same) will be rewarded
with higher CollaborativeRank, which means that their tagging will have
greater influence on this search engine's rankings.


Re: search engine

Amir  Michail wrote:

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Interesting use of the social bookmarking system. How come I
never thought about that? Some people including the founder Joshua Shachter
must have thought about the search potential already.

This could also lead to the introduction of new spam techniques and the
death of social bookmarks. It used to be Web pages spam, then referral
spam, then comment spam, then blog for SEO type of spam (Blogspot).
Wherever you plant some potential, spammers will kill it.

Has anybody seen the Internet command line yet? All search engines in one
page: /

Exciting stuff!


Roy S. Schestowitz

Re: search engine

Actually this works well :)  I did a search on "talking products" and
we come up second on the list as we should, then i look further on the
list and i think our buyers can use this to mine for new products.

One short comming i find with delicious is that there is no globlal
search ... or at least i havent been able to find it.  So this does
fill a need.

Ever consider including other folksonomy.servers as well ?

Seth Russell

Re: search engine

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Aside from how well you might rank within, do you think all of
the links and tags that you post will help your SERPS in Google?

In other words, is there an SEO benefit that would spill over to the major
search engines?


Re: search engine

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I don't know, but i doubt that they count to Google.  I think the links
are blocked from Google so that people won't spam

Seth Russell

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