Dave, your millions of visitors

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they're not coming from engines though, are they? They're mostly, in
fact almost all, coming from links from freebies-available-here type
I just now got round to looking at your stats pages. I thought you
were pulling these in by virtue of your seo-ness, not your ability to
create freebie content. Which is good if it brings you adsense wonga,
I suppose, but not what I'm trying to do.

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Re: Dave, your millions of visitors


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I don't know how you got the above idea, but it couldn't be further
from the truth.

I don't use freebies-available-here type sites (actually confirm what
you mean by that). If it's what I think it is I didn't add any of
those links, the site owners added them. I get loads of links like

http://www.kansaspedia.com/Affiliated /
http://www.recipesguides.com/freerecipes /

Take a look at
http://www. free-recipes.co.uk/webstat/usage_200506.html

which will be password protected very soon.

Right now it shows ~22,000 visitors for the first 2 days and 4 hours
of June (updates at 4am everyday).

Jump near the bottom where it says-

Top 20 of 7735 Total Search Strings

Starting with-

1 33 0.34% daisy cooks

Lets assume every phrase is only searched once for those 2 days and 4
hours, that accounts for 7735 of the 22,000 visitors. Clearly some of
these SERPs are bringing in way more than 1 visitor, hawaiian recipies
brought in 17 so far for example. So it's going to be many more than
7735 search engine visitors.

Scroll up a little and you'll see-

Top 30 of 5701 Total Referrers

These are search engine hits-

2 8558 3.97% http://www.google.com/search
3 5363 2.49% http://www.google.co.uk/search
4 1208 0.56% http://www.google.ca/search
13 572 0.27% http://www.google.com.au/search
16 451 0.21% http://aolsearch.aol.com/aol/search

There will be many others below the top 30 like-


Those in the top 30 will do for now though.

I add those up to be 16152 hits from search engines.

Without having to do anything else I've shown over 16,000 of the
22,000 visitors to that site are due to search engine visitors. The
reality is it's many more, just those basic stats don't go into that
much detail.

Can you see that now Bill?

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