Daily AOL Hammering of Site

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We use LiveStats XSP to track our site. For months now we've been
seeing, at randoms times throughout the day or night, a big stack
of AOL IPs hitting our site simultaneously. It's like an AOLbot is
using a different IP for every page it visits. It happens every day
multiple times per day. 20-30 AOL IPs, sometimes more, will show up
for a few minutes, all coming and going at precisely the same time.

Does anyone have an idea of what's going on? Googlebot, Slurp, and
MSNbot come daily but typically only use 1-3 IPs per visit.

It's not a problem traffic or bandwidth-wise, but it seriously
skews our traffic figures, especially when we get 300 AOL IP visits
per day.


Re: Daily AOL Hammering of Site

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I think thats how AOL works... so its probably just 1 user coming in and yet
its showing up as 20-30 different IPs and therefore 20-30 different users to
your logs.

If you Google for "AOL IP" there is quite abit of discussion about it on
various webmaster forums

Re: Daily AOL Hammering of Site

 It's like an AOLbot is
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Isn't that how AOL handles their IPs [for their "users"]? Wouldn't be
unlikely then their "bot" IP handling is similar then.


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