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I don't know if this is available, or even possible.  Maybe someone in this
group can instruct me if it is possible.

For some anthropology, living history, and museum programs I'm involved
with.I do a fair amount of research of specific topics (i.e., land use
policies, early American history, Native American history, etc.) as they
relate to current events.  The historical info is no problem, but I review
quite a few news media sites for relevant info on what's happening around
the country today.

1.  Search engines and client agents search the entire web for search words
or phrases, and much of what the find is irrelevant for our purposes.  Is
there a package available that will let me search only a customized list of
sites (i.e., Denver Post, New York Times, ABC, and so on)?

2.  Also, we're planning to start a service of keeping people up to date on
what's happening at many of the historical sites around the U.S. and
Canada.  Can I search specific pages (i.e., What's New, Coming Events, and
so on) on specific sites (as above) for page changes?

Of course, for either type search (1. or 2. above, or both) we'll have to
manually visit each site then, but it would drastically cut the typical
research and review time if such searches could be done, instead of
constantly visiting each of nearly 170 sites only to find no new or
significant information.

Re: Customizing A Search List

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I don't know if it would do everything you are after, but GooFresh may be
worth considering, depending on how common or obscure your search terms are.

There are a few different versions of it, try this one

You could also try a service like this one
Search for "tracking changes to a web page" on google and you should find
lots more.

Good luck!!

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