Cross-linking vs over-linking 1-way

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We know we're kinda behind on responses, but we've just been presented
with a new "challenge," which I know will remind everyone how
incredibly stupid we are and that's okay! :o)

Of course by challenge I mean a "YOU GOTTA BE F***IN' KIDDING ME!!!"

In making the transition from all-Mac to 1/2-Mac, 1/2-swervedrivers,
we are relying heavily on linking from swervedrivers to Mac Homepages.

Long story; trust us. :o) The fewer times we link to the Mac pages the
more clicks it will be for visitors. Whereas right now, for example,
people come from IMDb to our Ralph Fiennes mini-page, they see this:

Ralph Fiennes "Schindler's List" Mini-Page :o)
Click here for 50 pics of a handsome nazi

When you click there, you go to the HomePage pics. Very visitor
friendly. :o) But this means if we end up with 100 mini-pages plus the
eight fansites all linking to our Homepages, that's 108 links to the
Mac pages.

Now I know some of you are thinking "just link directly from IMDb to
the Mac pages," but this defeats the entire purpose of the
swervedrivers site. :o) Even when our HomePages got EXCELLENT ranking,
still 90% of the content was not indexed.

So the thing is, we know cross-linking can be bad. Is bad. Whatever.
And linking to the Mac sites one time means poor visitor friendliness,
more clicks. We have read that one-way over-linking is not bad NOW,
but like every other seemingly good idea that we in our tiny purview
conceive in the interest of pocketbook and visitor-friendliness, it
MAY SOON be bad.

Any thoughts or comments? Keep in mind that we do not need to link
BACK to swervedrivers FROM Mac. Also keep in mind that even if the Mac
pages are killing us along with innocent civilians, doing away with
them altogether may never be practical and doing away with them all at
once is even less so. The idea is to slowly migrate from Mac to

We suck, I know! :o)

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