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Hi there,
A friend (yes another jeweller) asked me to seo this site - anyone
notice any issues before i start promoting it?


Re: Critique plz

mark r wrote:
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Just as an example: your page for Horse/Equestrian jewellery has loads
of irrelevant keywords in the keyword metatag, I believe the keywords
metatag is close to useless for SEO, whereas the description could be a
little more descriptive:

e.g "gold, silver and diamond brooches featuring horses and equetrian
themes" (that's off the top of my haead, it could be more elegant obviously)

There are no <h1> headers, which would be useful IMO.

It would also be useful to have keywords in the page URL.

Best Regards

Pete Thomas
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Re: Critique plz

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Hi Mark

Apart from what Pete said,

There are session ID URL's on there eg : cid=9&lbsrch=&range=

There are also broken links

The meta keyword is too long and a bit spammy.

I couldn't see a homepage.

A personal whinge : - When I hover over a link, I look in the bottom
left corner of the browser to see where I am going to. For some
reason, it doesn't do that with this site. [left menu]

Some pages fail validation.

Appears to be using some 3rd party plugin to view larger images. If
so, may not be usable to some people.


Handmade jewelry, Texas :

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Re: Critique plz

mark r wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The HTML <title> is highly focused for a new site.  The site won't rank
for "jewellery" until it has age and trusted, relevant backlinks.

Some of the <title>s are just "/ jewellery".  Each page should have a
different <title>.  If you expand the length of the <title>s, you will pick
up more long-tail keywords until the site is strong enough to rank for
highly focused terms like "Lady's Watches / Jewellery".

* if possible, use <h1> and <h2> with descriptive text to define the
sections of each page.  Search engines look at things like <title>, <h1>
and <h2> to determine what the page and its sections are about.

* rewrite the URLs if possible.  You can run into long-term problems with
large ecommerce sites that have parameters on the URLs.

These URLs are asking for trouble down the road:

Very highly recommended to rewrite them with clean URLs something like this:

(Then make sure the old URLs either 301 redirect, or send a 404 Not Found
header.  Normally a redirect, but since it may not be indexed yet, a 404 is
probably ok.)

Each page of content should only have one URL.  That is hard to control when
there are URLs with many parameters.

Also, it's best not to leave empty categories, otherwise you will have
multiple pages with the exact same content: "No products in this category".
Those pages might end up in the Supplemental Results.

Run Xenu Link Sleuth on the site to check for broken links: (I saw at least one)

Also, check out the link below on meta tags.  Limit the number of
keywords -- they won't help your ranking.  Make the meta description into
an attractive text snippet because it will often appear as the text snippet
in your search engine listings.  It should be different on every page.  A
good meta description won't increase your rankings, but it could increase
your click-throughs...


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