Create 100's of Internal Pages for High PR

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The least know google secert and most important one is the amount of
pages a website has. Google gives back links to all of your pages of
your website once they get a pr4 ranking on up. The pages to get that
ranking all need to be linked to each other and the home page of your

The BIG Spammers on the internet know this google secret well and are
creating hundreds of pages for every website they have. They own google
at whatever search term they want they site to be listed at simply by
having 100's of pages per site and it's easy to do, no links to have to
trade with and they control the whole thing.

Re: Create 100's of Internal Pages for High PR


One would think google could easily filter this type of SEO with their
algorithm quite easily.  The could just count a max of 2 or 3 links from the
same domain.
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Re: Create 100's of Internal Pages for High PR

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Filter it out you say? Hardly because they encourage it. Here's an
example of a site that has 486 pr4 on up back links accredited to it and
they are 90% internal links from its own site:
ps(This is SEO Dave's site and I'm sure he won't mind me using his site
for the xample)

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Re: Create 100's of Internal Pages for High PR

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Why would I mind, anyone can do the above search if they so wish?

I think you misunderstand how PR works Sam. Every link to a page
whether it's PR0, PR1,PR2..... PR10 counts towards that pages PR. It
doesn't matter where the linking page is located, same domain, same
server, same planet it counts towards PR. Obviously all other things
being equal a PR4 link is worth more than a PR3 link, but that doesn't
mean a PR3 link is worthless.

Backlinks as google shows them are something slightly different.
Backlinks tend to be pages that are at least PR4, there is speculation
as to why PR4 and not PR3 or all links. IMO the most plausible of
these is it's to prevent people like us figuring out Googles algo.

If we don't know precisely which links have and have not been counted
how can we accurately determine a sites PR? We can't so it makes it
just that little bit more difficult to figure out Googles algo. On top
of this I'm sure if saves money/processor time for Google by only
showing a small proportion of links.

Now if you do the same backlink search at Alltheweb for my Lingerie
site you will see it shows almost 5000 links to the home page. That's
a much more accurate figure for the number of links to the root of the
domain since I know of over 3000 that I have control over.

BTW having a 2000 page site will no by itself create a PR6 home page
(probably PR4). You need some extra PR added to the site from incoming
links to do that.

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Re: Create 100's of Internal Pages for High PR

 I never said that a pr0 links didn't count. If you go to Contain the
Term links at google those are where the links below pr4 are listed
along with plain text links that could have pr4 on up. Those links count
as much as pr4 on up links provided you have enough of them. I happen to
know of a site that is number one under its search keyword term and it
only has 7 pr4 back links but it has almost 5000 contain the term links
and that's what does it for it. There are a few different ways to reach
number one or page status at google. The one way I still admit I don't
really understand is similiar links. I've seen some sites listed on page
one doing it by this method but do not understand it yet so if you do
and can enlighten me on it I'd appreciate it.

As far as creating hundreds to thousands of pages at a site to get back
links goes it all depends on getting a very high page rank for your
index page in order for it to work. Using blogs that have pr7 and pr8
comments is an easy way to get your index page to a pr7 if you do enough
of them and keep doing them. A pr7 for your index page is more than
enough to give an additional 3000 dummy pages added to the site a pr4 or
even pr5 for all 3000 of them.

Personally I hate the whole idea of it and how google does this with
internal pages. Google has gotten too big since they've taken the AOL
account plus the Yahoo account they had before they took over aol search
results. Their search engine which used to be great is beginning to
stink now and it's becoming one of the worst search engines ever. It's
totally chocked full of spam in almost all of the adult search terms and
it is now spreading to even non-adult areas. If they continue in this
direction they will put themselves out of business evenbefore Bill Gates
takes things over.

Re: Create 100's of Internal Pages for High PR

LinkAdage wrote:
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domian != web site.

consider the following: / / /

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