crazy search! status bar advertising sale!

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According to data from youtube, Recent on-line

search engine of

revised the status bar the sale of advertising,

and, expensive! is a comprehensive search

service providers, Users can facilitate the

search engine in different switch between,
In order to obtain the best search results,
Thus, effectively improve the efficiency of

search. So far, has built,

including the Gogle Web, Yahoo music, YouTube

video, ebay shopping, and so on more than 30

search engines, More attractive, Any user can add

their favorite search services,
So that he can work the way you like,Moreover,

you do not have to pay a penny for this!
Although prices running as high as $ 10,000,
But arbitrary status bar lines for dynamic

display, The mysterious delivery and friendly

mode of transmission, the investment in

innovation, an unexpected
return, you are worth the purchase of reasons.
Are you ready :)

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