could someone look at this site and make some suggestions?

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Hope I'm posting this question to the right place, if not please let me

Being a technician and not a programmer, this has me baffled.

I sell information on how to repair household refrigerators. This subject is
by no means competitive so one would think it would be a no brainer to stay
listed in first or second position on Google if you search on the words
"refrigerator repair".

For the past 3 years or so I was up there, but since Nov/03 all that shows
on the first page is an old redirect from my original site abandoned in '96,
and traffic is down about 80%.

The site has lots of good content on the subject. Anyone can read at least
one article off my online book before they trip a "purchase now" cookie. And
all the main pages have a PR of at least 4. I've placed the search term in
the meta tags, within the text, and done everything I have read about but it
seems nothing works.

Would some of you knowledgeable folks please take a look at:

and perhaps pass on some enlightenment of what I've done to get onto the
wrong side of Google for the search term - refrigerator repair?

Incidentally, what I find strange is the site is still up there if you
search on - freezer repair. At one point I even changed the pages so the
number of times the word refrigerator was used was exactly the same as the
word freezer. But this didn't work either.

Why would this be?

Re: could someone look at this site and make some suggestions?

choose some keywords that you want to target ( will help
with this) and then use those words in text links on your site. Choose
careful title tag keywords too.

I found very helpful

Re: could someone look at this site and make some suggestions?

Here's some golden knowledge I pulled from Google Hacks by Oreilly.  I
recommend the book, but it only has a small section on SEO.

Use your targeted keywords in the title.
Use your targeted keywords in header text (h1, h2, h3, etc.)
Use your targeted keywords at least once in bold, close to the top of
the page.

Also think about things like keyword density and anchor text for inbound
links - even inbound links from other pages on your web site.

Personally, I used various keyword density analyzers to figure out the
keyword density of top ranked pages for my keywords - ignoring the ones
with absurd densities like 80 percent.

Also - target only one or two keyword phrases per page.

That's my 2 cents.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Ashely McRead wrote:

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Re: could someone look at this site and make some suggestions?

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Like the other solid posters on this thread, I agree with you that your
SERPs are pretty easy...but your site is not well optimized.

Do the on page stuff already suggested and you should hit the first page
within a few weeks.  Do a good job of getting at least 20 in-bound links,
ALL with keyword rich text links from pages that Google ranks 5/10 or better
and you will be #1 or #2.

I would also add that your META tags are not helping you.  Specifically,
Brothermark's suggestion of using a good keyword tool is right on, if you
still come up with refrigerator repair, then use that key term, not both.
Also, I would get rid of the META=title.  Google might see that as an
attempt to spam the TITLE and reduce your ranking even further.

James Taylor

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