Could some one explain PR

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I thought pr was det by haow many links.  When I was checking the link count
of the top 10 web sites for web design boston, a site named has a pr of 6, whet
it only has 6 links going to it.

Why is it pr so big?  The ohter sites all have over 100 links going to them
that are on the top 10.  Whats going on!!!!!!!


Re: Could some one explain PR

Ted Pottel wrote:

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A site might have a PageRank of Zero, and still turn up as number 1 for
a certain keyword or keyphrase. PR is not everything as long as you got
the right content, people are linking to you using the targetted
phrase, and so on.

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Re: Could some one explain PR

1)  It isn't how many - it's who. If you had a link from Google's homepage,
you would probably have a PR10 by now. You have to check the PR of every
linking page.

2)  The results returned by Google's link-command are filtered and useless.
AllTheWeb for checking backlinks.

/Martin Hagstrøm

Re: Could some one explain PR

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My guess as to how PR works is at
Best regards, Eric.
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Re: Could some one explain PR

better to have 6 quality links (high PR and related content) than 100
irrelevant links.

google is not so dumb !

PageRank is based on the number of quality links pointing to your site

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Re: Could some one explain PR

As I understand it each link irrespective of PR forms part of the
calculation. Firstly you have to grasp the difference between two specific
elements, there are page points and PR, they are very different. Typically a
spidered pages with no incoming links has a page point of 1 this equates to
a PR=0. Each link gives page points to the recipient page. The value of how
many points that migrate to the  recipient page is based on the originating
page's points divided by the number of outgoing links on that page.

For example if a site has 11 pages, a homepage that links directly to 10
other pages which all link back. Page points of 1 will be awarded to the 10
pages but the homepage having 10 incoming links (from page point 1's)will be
awarded 10 points.

If the home page is linked to by another site with say PR4 (512 page points)
then you can see how the calculations take on a whole different perspective.
I  understand it, the number of page points to PR goes something like this

PR0 =1 page point, PR2 = 8 page points, PR3 = 64 page points, PR4 = 512 page
points, PR5 = 4096 page points, PR6 = 32768 page points and if you are lucky
enough to be a PR7 = 262144 page points.

Best regards



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