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I have a client who seems overly keen to use Macromedia Contribute to
update his websites. He does known some HTML and I have been educating
him further in this. I have been trying to steer him away from WYSIWYG
editors, but there is just no convincing some people... I've never used
Contribute, so I was just wondering how good the HTML it churns out is
and how well it does as far as on page SEO goes... i.e. does it prompt
you for the essential SEO elements on a page? Does it ask for alt tags
when you add an image? etc...

I'm guessing that if I set him up a template with all the essential
elements in place he will be able to use Contribute to add new content
whilst maintaining any on page optimisation? (Assuming he understands
the importance of placing suitable keywords within the necessary

Any thoughts?


Alan Cole. E-mail: justal at lineone dot net [Coastal Sports] [Website Design, hosting and promotion]

Re: Contribute and SEO

Alan Cole wrote:
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Yup, as long as you set the template up properly, they'll be fine.
Contribute writes pretty good HTML as it's very basic - it puts headers
in h1...h6 tags, when you set up images there is a box for alt text.

If you set up a stylesheet it will import it and the classes will be
available in a drop-down list. To be honest I've not had a client who
uses Contribute who is also able to use the classes this way. Normally I
just set up the headers to be the right sizes in the stylesheet then
when they make a page everything is re-sized properly.

I've found Contribute to be a handy way of giving clients a CMS on a
small site as it's far more difficult to write non-compliant HTML in it
than it is to just use it, and let it output good HTML which is nice and


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