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If you have a website or weblog that have unique and distinct content,
you have to protect it against splogs and content stealers. It is very
easy to track and close stealer websites and weblogs. You just need to
find the domain registration and hosting company and send a warning
message to them. You can do it in a few minutes. It is very easy to
find the stealer weblogs and websites and report them.

I have written a complete article about this subject. If you are
interested in it, please let me know to send the URL. I am not sure if
I am allowed to post the URL of the article here. So I will not do
that because I don't like to be accused of spamming. Just let me know
and I will send you the URL of the article.

But you may ask why I like you to learn to fight content stealing. The
reason is that I am also a webmaster and blogger and suffer from this
problem. I believe if all webmasters and bloggers learn to report the
content stealers, after a while nobody will dare to steal the websites
contents and so this problem will be solved completely.

Best regards,

Re: Content Stealing

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You mean like this ?

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