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I recently wrote some content in a company blog about 2 days ago and
it has yet to show up when i do a Google search for what i wrote. How
long does it typically take for Google to perform scans of recently
inputted data? I wrote something recently that Google picked up on
fast, but this is for some reason moving slower. If anybody has some
information on how the process works I would greatly appreciate it,
thank you.


Re: content not appearing in google

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A huge number of factors influence crawl frequency.  In general, the
simplest view is to regard the Googlebot as heuristic - it will crawl,
and it will crawl, and it willl crawl, and then it may look at the
results.  If it usually gets a 'changed' page when it crawls, it will
increase crawl frequency.  Assuming - it thinks the site important
enough.  If it usually finds the page hasn't changed, it drops the
crawl frequency.

There's no explicit way to influence this, and crawl frequency is NOT
a useful benchmark in any case.

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