Content copying and the effects on Google

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I recently copied the content of an existing site
and moved it across to another one.

I left all the code exactly the same (except for
internal links) and didn't do anything fishy
(no re-directs, meta re-freshes or anything)

As the original site is no.1 in Yahoo and MSN
I left it up.

Now, one of the internal pages of the existing
site is displaying the cache from the new site.
The cache of the page in the SERPS displays
right, but when opening the page and then looking
at the cache, it shows the cache of the new site.

Can someone confirm this isn't a blip with my Google

Try searching for Cross Trainers from pages from the UK
My old page
is about 115
Before opening the page look at the Cache.
Then open the page and look at the cache from there.

Does it show a different cache on your systems, or
is it just something strange with my Google toolbar?


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