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ConspiraSearch Update 11-09-06:

I finally got my domain name.  YAY!  I'm about to do a major indexing of
websites.  Also, I do focus on Conspiracies, Ancient Mysteries, Secret
Societies and stuff, but ConspiraSearch is so much more than that.  That
seems to be a big misconception about ConspiraSearch, that I'm locked into
only a few topics:  You can use ConspiraSearch just like Google or any other
Search Engine.  Oh, you may not find exactly what you're looking for, but
chances are, after this Indexing, you'll find your topic and a whole lot
more.  So don't fall under the illusion that to submit your website, it has
to be about conspiracy.  It doesn't.  I'll accept just about any website, as
long as it doesn't have Popups, or is Adult Oriented, or Sexually Based.  So
give me about 2 weeks from now, and I'll have a full fledged Index.

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