consistently different

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both these searches are for the same keyword, only for the past 5 days
theyve been consistently different with the placing me at position #6
and the .com at #12 for my serp 'silver jewellery'

anyone know which one its going to settle at?

or is this some sort of regional difference?


Re: consistently different

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It is a regional difference. I am one position down from the .com Google as
there is a rug site ahead of me. And that uk site is 4 positions lower
in the .com.


Re: consistently different

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*waggs fist in an angry manner*

GRRrrrrrrrrrr, bloody G**gle


Re: consistently different

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005 17:15:45 +0100, "mark | r"

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Hi Mark
Just a few thoughts that i've had........

1: Have you checked to see if the other sites are linking to non
related sites. It *may* be something that google has tweaked on in
their algo.

2: Are you pages spidered on the same day as theirs (if you have
tweaked the pages that is)

The reason I said about #2 is ibecause one of my sites has dropped a
few rankings but they haven't been cached in a week. So, when they
are, I am hoping for a climb again.

May be total BS .... But could give you a new angle to think upon.


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