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Reading about compressing my html code using  mod_gzip .  any good or bad
things I should know going into it.  It is suppose to compress my html
portion file size by 50%.


Re: compressing html

On 27/6/04 4:02 am, Articus wrote:

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On most sites the HTML itself takes up much less room than all the other
types of content, so unless you're hosting some kind of encyclopaedia you
might be better off optimizing the compression in your images, PDF files and

Obviously your server will become less responsive if it has to decompress
everything it sends out, but from a search engine point of view it should
have no effect on your site's ranking.

On a positive note, I expect your HTML will compress down to much less than
50%, but I doubt it will be worth all the hassle.


Philip Ronan
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Re: compressing html

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I agree, besides there are possible errors:(

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