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I am slowly learning about this Google API thing; I guess my question
(still) is:
how does anyone comply with the Google Terms & Conditions?

To wit: "The Google SOAP Search API service is made available to you
for your personal, non-commercial use only."

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems to involve:

1) "Unauthorized" SEO software that violates Google's Terms &
Conditions, primarily by utilizing Automatic Querying without using the
Google API.  (WebPosition, SEO Elite, Web CEO, IBP - I *think* these
are examples)  This is obviously risky & wrong to use for clients.

2) SEO software the *does* use the Google API - but as an SEO selling
my services, both I and the software vendor are using the API for
"commercial" uses - that's no good, either, right? Right??

3) Asking Google for permission to use the API for commercial purposes
- is that realisitic?  Will Google answer?  Are they likely to give
"blanket" permission for an SEO to use the API in their line of
business, and in someone else's software?

4) Basically, how do all of these SEO software vendors and SEO
professionals do what they do if they cannot use Google except for
"personal, non-commercial" purposes??

In Summary: How does the SEO world work in light of Google's Terms and


Charles Knight SEO

Re: Commercial use of Google API


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"And Google doesn't guarantee that results shown using API will be in any  
way similar to those presented in regular seqrch queries."


Re: Commercial use of Google API

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Normal logic would say so, yes.

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They have ignored me three times. Which has made me somewhat bitter :-D

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I think some do not ask. I dunno... millions? of people are using and
violating their API. That is probably also preferably to another scenario:
Google using their WebAPI to divide and conquer (weaken) SEO tools.

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Perhaps check:

best regards
Thomas Schulz

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