Combined Google search?

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Hi.  Does anyone know how to combine different kinds of searches into =
one Google search?

I have a web site .  I want to search for the text =
'astro', but just in the sub-folder .

I could add "allinurl: mas" to the search text.  Problem.  The text =
search [astro allinurl: mas] searches the url for both "mas" and =
"astro".  I've tried [allinurl: mas allintext: astro], but again no =
luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated...Dennis

Re: Combined Google search?

Dennis Allen wrote:

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inurl:mas astro


Results 1 - 6 of 6 from for inurl:mas astro

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Re: Combined Google search?

Ah.  It works!.  The problem was the allinurl.  Should be just inurl.  =
Thanks a lot...Dennis

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