.com or .com/index.php does it matter?

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Hi -  I am redoing parts of my site and- right now  www.claritaslux.com
automatically redirects to www.claritaslux.com/index.php   as I have
no index.html.   Should I or can I make index.php actaully be
www.claritaslux.com?  the reason is google gives www.claritaslux.com a
pr of 5 and www.claritaslux.com/index.php is a pr 4.  I think this
will make my home page a weaker page?

Re: .com or .com/index.php does it matter?

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 03:29:54 -0800 (PST), Markukasia@gmail.com wrote:


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Yes :)

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Correct :)


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Re: .com or .com/index.php does it matter?

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I think you need to fix this.

You also have http://www.claritaslux.com and http://claritaslux.com which
which will also weaken your website. Make sure to redirect all those to
your main website to: 1) avoid duplicate content 2) focus incoming links!

You may want to read this article:
(e.g. if you have multiple domains with same exact
content, you will probably want to fix that as well)

best regards
Thomas Schulz

Re: .com or .com/index.php does it matter?

Markukasia@gmail.com wrote:
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in the web server setup for the domain, you should be able to set
index.php as one of the directory index files. For instance, in apache,
the DirectoryIndex directive may have a value like "index.html index.htm
index.php" - MS IIS has a similar option in it's settings control panel.
When a request is made for / on your domain, the server, checks for each
of the files in the list (in order) and serves the first one it finds to
the client.

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